January 4, 2020

Paragraph: Tree Plantation:

Tree plantation means planting more trees with a view to increasing the number of trees in the natural environment. The importance of trees is well-known to all. Trees are inseparable part of our existence. Our existence is bound with trees in a natural a way. Trees give us oxygen which is essential for our existence. Besides, they give us food and fruits to eat, woods to make fire, shade to rest and timbers to build shelter. Many kinds of medicines are prepared from leaves, roots, and barks of trees. Besides, they give us proportion to its total land area while we have only 16% of it. Random cutting of trees may one day turn the whole country into a desert. To save mankind from this heasztarad, we shoduld0 sips. wne psroefvent by planting trees on the bank of rivers and sleeps to msake linn planting trees. We should plant any kind of tree but if we plant such trees as have economic value, our country will have benefits as well as uses. As a new born baby tree needs much water to live. we should plant tree especially in the iny Se on". We shoul emember that as long as there is sufficient trees we can survive well.