January 4, 2020

Paragraph: The importance of Female Education:

Women are the half of our total population. So female education is badly necessary to make half of our population literate for a balanced development. But unfortunately in Bangladesh the education of female child is neglected. Parents are not inclined to provide their female children with education. Parents think it waste of time and money to educate their girls. They think that girls are intellectually inferior to male children. They want their girls to be confined to the kitchen only and perform household chores and look after the male members. But they do not understand that if girl children are educated they can be competent to male children to perform their jobs well. We should understand that when girls are educated they can become a good house managers, good mothers at home and even good officers outside. An educated mother can bring up her children as educated. Formerly, female education was not viewed as positive in our society. But the situation has changed nowadays. The concept of female education is appreciated by all in Bangladesh. The government has given importance to educate our female folk. To spread female education government is giving subsidy to the expenditure of girls education. Education for Is upto HSC level has been made free of cost in BangladeSh.(In public institutions not private.)