January 4, 2020

Paragraph: The Causes and Effects of Teenage Depression:

Depression is a great disease by which mostly the young teenage people are affected, So what is depression? Depression is an illness involving the body, mind and thoughts that affect the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself and the way one thinks about things. However, depression among the teenagers has become a much-talked topic nowadays. It is a mental disease and thousands of people suffer from it daily. Many causes exist behind this depression. Academic stress, social anxiety or peer pressure, romantic problems, traumatic events, separation or divorce between parents, heredity, financial struggles or crisis, physical or emotional negligence, inferiority complex, feelings of helplessness are the main causes. The effects of them are great and can be harmful. These effects can cause lasting physical and emotional problems. Depression in teenagers can affect their ability to concentrate and maintain their energy levels. Teenagers with depression may take drugs and alcohol as a way to reduce their symptoms. Some depressed teenagers may isolate themselves and begin spending all their time online. Again some teens with depression will either run away from home or talk about funning away. A teenager who has depression may engage in careless and reckless behaviours that could be life threatening. Besides, violence self-harm, suicide and many other crimes may occur as a result of such depression.