January 4, 2020

Road Accident in Bangladesh

Road accident has become a common and fatal event in our transport system. It is the collision of vehicles while moving on the road recklessly. As nobody can predict when vehicles collision will occur, so it is called 'accident'. There are many causes of road accident in our country. The roads and streets of the most of our towns and cities are narrow. Besides, they frequently take irregular turn to every direction. Secondly, rush driving is another major cause of road accident. They always seek scopes to overtake each other even where it is unnecessary or unsafe. Defective and out of date vehicles plying on the roads increase road accidents. Again, the drivers' deficiency and indifference contribute to increase road accidents. Road accident is so severe and the number of death by road accident is so high that sometimes it becomes the lead news of the national dailies of our country. To control road accident the government and other non-government organizations like "Nirapod Sarak Chai" are working to solve the problem. Strict rules against reckless driving should be implied. The' criminals should be given exemplary punishment. Defective vehicles should not be allowed to ply on roads. Moreover, people of our country should be made conscious about the problem. en we can hope for a safe road and transport system.