January 4, 2020

Paragraph: Price Hike.

The rising in price of the essential cornhodities is called price hike. Price hike is not new in our economy. Nowadays we are very anxious go see the price of necessary things going up everyday. It is increasing by leaps and bounds. The situation seems to be beyond control The poorer and the middle class people are in a fix for this sudden price hike. The reaction of the common people about it is also very bitter. There is no denial that with this critical situation Bangladesh is now in the grip of economic crisis. Though the government is trying to control and regulate the market but with a little success. It is occurring in a irregular way day after day. If the situation goes the same for long it will cause failure to our economic system. Besides, the law and order situation may decrease. A number of traders are trying to manipulate the market and creating artificial crisis of day-to-day necessary goods. They are causing a problem to the whole nation to satisfy their greed. To get rid of this situation every conscious citizen and the government should protest against syndicating and manipulating the market by some criminals. Strict rules should be implied to find out and punish the culprits who are involved in creating artificial crisis.