January 4, 2020


A pastime is a kind Of work which people do out of their interest in it. They do it in addition to their regular duties of day to day life. A pastime is necessary for getting relieved of the monotony and mental pressure of our everyday life which is burdened with duties and responsibilities. Pastimes help us to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves. The people of every age and every profession have pastimes of their own. The women also exchange their thoughts and feelings with others. Whereas in cities, both men and women enjoy their leisures listening to music or watching T.V. The young people generally like to play different kinds of games and sports such as cricket, football in leisure. Some people spend their leisure playing indoor games such as ludu, chess, carrom etc. They travel from one place to another. I think travelling has a great value. It has some educative purposes. My favourite pastime is travelling. Though leisure pursuits differ from people to people and place to place, there is at least one common pastime which is watching television. However leisure pursuit should have some merits. One should choose such type of pastime that can add some skills or potentiality to the person's life.