January 4, 2020

Nuclear Family and Extended Family

A family is a group of people who are related to each other. A family is basically formed through matrimonial relations. It is of two types. They are nuclear family and extended family. A nuclear family is a small family consisting of a husband, wife and children. On the contrary, an extended family is a big family th├ąt consists not only of parents and children but also of grandfather, aunts etc. At present, most people are fond of forming a nuclear family. A nuclear family is supposed to be less troublesome. Ori the contrary, an extended family is supposed to be noisier. It is thought that more troublesome situations take place in an extended family. Day-to-day living expenses are increasing. So, people do not like to form extended family. But children in a nuclear family feel lonely. They do not get more people to communicate. On the contrary, children in an extended family do not feei lonely as they always get people for communication. Nevertheless, modern people like to form a nuclear family because of having more peace and prosperity. In fact, the popularity of a nuclear family is more than that of an extended family.