January 4, 2020

May Day

May 1st is internationally observed as May Day. The day is observed to commemorate the historic struggle of working people. The day is observed in most of the countries of the world. The day has a historical background. The privileges that the workers enjoy today a minimum wage, safety laws and eight hour workday came out for the sacrifice of the workers in 1886. On May 3, 1886 police fired on a crowd of strikers of the McComick Harvest Machine Company, Chicago, killing atleast one striker(lol), seriously wounding five or six others and injuring an undetermined number. At the beginning of Industrial Revolution people worked very long shifts lasting upto fourteen or even tnore hours a day. This is why, in the 1880s a movement calling for an eight hour workday began among the labourers and workers. If the workers did not stand up and demand their rights, they would continue to be exploited. So, the day is of great importance for the working people all around the world.