January 4, 2020


Electricity is the driving force of modern civilization. The production of mills and factories depends on continuous supply of power. But presently over load-shedding has eclipsed the contribution of electricity. Load-shedding means the suspension of power supply due to overload of consumption. In our country it becomes regular affair during the summer season. The main cause of load-shedding is the insufficient production of electricity in the country• The misuse of electricity is the another major cause. In spite of/Despite sincere effort the government cannot increase the production of ellectricity for the lack of proper logistic support. However, the lack of electricity means lack of industrial production. When production in mills and factories reduces to great extent, the development of the country is hampered. When load-shedding occures frequently, the whole locality is plunged into darkness. It also disturbs the study of the students. Thus they cut a bad figure in the exams as load-shedding also occures at night. Finally, load-shedding effects the economy of the country. Students, patients and the industrial sectors are worst victims of load-shedding. So, the government should pay effective attention to establish more power plants to solve this problem. Take measure steps to stop illegal consumption of electricity. Besides, we have to be aware/conscious about the misuse of ellectricity.