January 4, 2020

Liberation War of Bangladesh

Our Liberation War is a glorious chapter in our national history. It is the cradle of our existence. It is the nurture ground of our spirit. To snatch away individual right and to liberate mother and motherland, the Liberation War played a unique role. The unparalleled spirit of our Liberation War will always provide us with indomitable courage and insurmountable zeal to build our nation in a far better way in the days to come. The Pakistani rulers first targeted our language and pressurized us to accept Urdu as the only state language of Pakistan. They thought that through the imposition of Urdu upon us, they would dominate us. The people of all walks especially the heroic sons of this soil jumped in the Liberation War selflessly and sacrificed their valuable lives for this country. Sometimes they fought with arms and sometimes they fought without arms. Pak army surrendered to the allied forces (freedom fighters and Indian forces) after nine months of bloody war and new Bangladesh came into being. It was our long-felt and long cherished victory. So 16th December is our Victory Day. The people of Bangladesh proved, through their bloody struggle that freedom is the birth right of man. Now we bow down our head to show our due respect to the freedom fighters who laid down their lives and the freedom fighters who are alive.