January 4, 2020

Information Technology

Information technology is a wonderful invention of modern science. There are many things that can be included in information technology. These are telephone, television, radio, computer, wireless, e-mail, fax, the Internet etc. Television is an important invention of information technology. It can send message from one place to another with the help of electric waves. Another wonderful invention of modern science is wireless or radio. By means of wireless, we can transmit information in a second from one corner of the world to another. On a radio set, we hear the 'voice of the speaker from any part of the world. Computer is something like a magic word by which man has dreamt of doing anything as wish can claim. Even computer has brought about a revolutionary change in our daily life style. It can run a business, play chess, or even compose music and as many other important tasks. E-mail and internet communication are the latest invention in the communication system. In the field of technology, science will go far and make much more progress. It will conquer space. Scientists will bring out the hidden information from space. They will go to different planets. Science knows no defeat, knows no retreat. Men are curious and science will go on inventing newer and newer things. So, information technology is on a triumphan march.