January 4, 2020

Greenhouse Effect:

Greenhouse effect means the permanent rise of temperature in the atmosphere around the world. The huge emitting of carbon di-oxide(Co2) gas is primarily responsible for this. Again, deforestation around the world adds to the problem. Less trees and more carbon di-oxide are making our globe hotter day by day. Due to the increased amount of heat around the world, the polar ice-caps have already started melting. The melting of the big ice-caps will obviously lead to the rise of the sea-level which in turn will cause the sea water coming into the rivers. When the river water becomes salty the farmland around will lose its fertility. Man's ability to grow crops will decrease and there will be a crisis of food. Besides, the lower parts of the world including the costal areas of Bangladesh may one day go under water. When mid-way through the 21st century the world temperature will permanently rise by 4'c a lot of ice wili turn into water and man will lose a huge farmland area and residential area. To prevent global warming we need to take immediate steps before it is too late. So, deliberate cutting of trees must be stopped. Afforestation programmes should be made more popular. Sources of greenhouse gases should be controlled.