January 2, 2020

Paragraph: Global Warming.

Global warming means the increase in the average temperature of the earth's near-surface air. The excessive release of carbon di-oxide is mainly responsible for this globai danger. Millions of buses, trucks and other motor vehicles plying on the roads emit a huge amount of carbon di-oxide. Again, mills and factories bleach out black smoke and other toxic gases which contribute to increase the temperature in the atmosphere. Fires made by men to cook food and for other domestic purpose add to global warming. In this way the temperature around the world increases permanently. This increase in temperature causes the ice-caps to melt. Huge ice getting melted cause the rise in the sea level. The salty sea water will reduce the fertility of agricultural lands and create scarcity of food. It also increases the intensity of extreme weather events such as flood, storm, cyclone etc. Bad news for Bangladesh is that the lower parts of Bangladesh will one day go under water. The coastal areas will be affected by frequent storm, cyclone and flood. Global warming has become a global issue for its violent and dominating effect. All the countries of the world including Bangladesh showed their concern about the matter.