January 4, 2020

Gender Discrimination:

Gender discrimination means the discriminatory distribution of rights between male and female on the basis of gender identity. Unfortunately, the female children are the worst victim of gender discrimination which begins at their birth. Social prejudices, customs and our male domination trend are all the major causes of it. Religious misinterpretation contributes to the degradation of women's position. So, from the very early stage parents take more care in all respects for the male children. Gender discrimination is undoubtedly harmful to female gender causing their health hazards, mental distress and even in some cases causing their death. Being deprived of proper health care and nutrition they become vulnerable to various diseases. They are considered as half-human beings who are born only to become wife of a husband and the mother of some children. This critical position makes them victim of all evil things like dowry, illiteracy, malnutrition etc. To resolve this problem we should change the outlook towards girls. It should be established that women are equal partners to men. Proper education and nutrition should be rendered to female children. This social curse of gender discrimination will cure only when we will realize that women are more human beings than mere women.