January 4, 2020

Food Adulteration.

Food is one of the basic needs of human life. By taking foods we get heat and energy. It helps to survive on earth. But, Our food is being adulterated in many ways. Food adulteration means the process of making food by mixing another substance or chemical which made the food less pure and harmful for human body. Chemicals are mixed with food to make the food attractive. Food loses its purity and standard in this way. By taking these foods, we become sick. It destroys the disease preventive power of human body. Every man is the victim of food adulteration. But, children are the worst victims of it. Recently the respective authority finds 'melamin' a poisonous chemical in milk powder. The dishonest businessmen are solely responsible for food adulteration. Recently the government set up mobile courts to punish them. Government should take necessary steps to stop food adulteration. Beisides, we should be careful before taking these type of foods.