January 4, 2020

Environment Pollution

Environmental pollution means the vital change in physical, biological and chemical spheres of the environment. The environment consist of natural and man made objects around us. The natural forces like storm, cyclone and earthquakes are also a part of the environment. Soil, air, water are all the important elements of the environment. All these components of the environment are assets to human. But human begins are unknowingly causing harm to these assets. Our environment is polluted in many ways. Air is polluted by smoke and water is polluted by waste and filth. Again the horns and microphones are creating sound pollution. Throwing of dump and untreated human waste creates odour pollution. In this way human beings cause the environment pollution. Polluting environment harms us in many ways. It causes premature death to millions of people. Various chronic and fatal diseases are prevalent due to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has some long term demerits too. The indiscriminate discharge of toxic chemicals pollutes our water and soil resources. As a result, we shall suffer from scarcity of pure water and fertile land to grow foods. We should be careful about preventing environment pollution in all levels.