January 4, 2020

Early Rising

Early rising means leaving the bed very early. It is a good habit. There are several benefits of early rising. Firstly, by rising early, one can enjoy fresh air. Secondly, in the early morning, one can enjoy the beauty of nature. Then the environment remains cool, calm and quiet. Thirdly, by rising early in the morning, one can be charmed and can feel divinely inspired. Farthermor, an early riser can have enough time to start his day's work nicely. He can finish a lot of work before others. Work done early in the morning is will done. On the other hand, late risers cannot finish their work properly. They do not find enough time to do their work in time. Thus early rising is beneficial in many ways. In order to get up early in the morning, one should go to bed early. Finally, early rising is all good and everyone should try to form the habit of early ising.