January 4, 2020

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh means a technology based prosperous country where computer will be widely used and where various types of information will be available online, where all types of possible task will be performed using digital technology. The ruling party of Bangladesh, has declared to make a Digital Bangladesh through information technology(ICT). The motto of Digital Bangladesh is to establish technology-based digital governance, e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-production, e-education etc. emphasizing the overall development of the country and the nation. The benefits of Digital Bangladesh are many. If we can establish a Digital Bangladesh, corruption will be drastically reduced. Besides, it will save people's time and money and will make people more enterprising which will reduce unemployment problem. For implementing this dream of Digital Bangladesh, the government has to take certain initiatives. First of all, uninterrupted power supply has to be ensured. We have to develop computer network infrastructures throughout the country. We also have to train our people to acquire ICT skill. It is a great commitments of the present government to make a Digital Bangladesh by 2025. Our dream of a Digital Bangladesh will be materialized, if the government can keep their word.