January 3, 2020

Paragraph: Deforestation.

The importance of forest in our life needs no mention. Unfortunately people are cutting down trees in large number which is causing the natural environment inhabitable for human beings. This indiscriminate cutting of trees is called deforestation. Deforestation is mainly done by human beings. People cut trees to meet up their basic needs of food, housing and making fire. For acquiring land for cultivation and residential purpose people are destroying forest in a gross manner. Sometimes deforestation is done in the name of development. But it is true that no sustainable development is possible causing harm to the environment. Deforestation is a global problem which is haunting the whole world. The result of deforestation is very serious. It can damage the environmental situation severely leading us to an uninhabitable world. Bangladesh has only 16% of forest whereas there should be forest on the 25% land of the total land area. If this state continues one day the country may turn into a desert. Again deforestation gives rise to global temperature which turn may cause the lower parts of the world including Bangladesh go under water. So, to get out of this danger we should impose new rules as soon as posslio. Aand overall, the government should take necessary steps controlling deforestation from the country.