January 4, 2020

Paragraph: Corruption:

Corruption means dishonest or illegal behaviour to the country. It creates a lot of problem for the country men. None can escape from the harm of corruption. It is a social malady. It spreads its greedy clutches all over the coUntry. Today every government sector of the country is rotten to the core because of the widespread practice of corruption by the people who are at the helm of power by the officers, by the clerks and so on. They take bribe from the common people for giving the illegal service. The country has already topped the list of corrupt countries five times. There is none to raise voice against the galloping corruption. However, there are many reasons behind this corruption and the reasons are not far to seek. The greed for power, pelf, wealth and money is the root cause of corruption. Avarice, dishonesty, nepotism and favouritism are also responsible for corruption. The consequence of corruption has a far reaching effect on socio-economic condition of our country. It hinders the development programmes. The widespread practice of corruption should not be allowed to go unchecked. The corrupt people must be brought down with an iron rod. It should be checked, controlled and prevented at any cost so that the country canals get rid of this national malady. It is heartening to note that the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission, set up recently, has been working seriously to check corruption. overall, we general perople should be conscious about it.