January 4, 2020

Paragraph: Computer:

The word 'computer' derived from the Latin word 'compute' which means to count or calculate. Hence the word 'computer' refers to a calculating machine. But it is a fairly recent invention. Charles Babbage was the first inventor of modern computer. Then Professor Howard Akin gave it a revised and modern shape. Computer plays a very important role in our practical and professional life. It is capable of doing every complicated work in all branches of learning. It can perform calculation in seconds which trained mathematicians would need years to complete. The new generation computers can handle millions of multiple problems and at the same time can be used as a media of entertainment. Computer has contribution in the field of scientific projects, construction projects, education, arts and what not. Computer doesn't have any demerit in the truest sense of the term. But it is we, human being, who use this device for evil purpose. We should be aware of its wrong use. It has now become a part and parcel of modern life. It has greatly benefited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life. In a word, this modern fascinating device has become an inseparable part of our life.