January 4, 2020

City Life and Rural Life

Life in the village is called village life. On the contrary, life in the city is called city life. The unadulterated things are available in villages. Villagers can easily have fresh things. Trees are available in.rural areas. Villagers can breathe oxygen more easily. They feel hale and hearty. On the contrary, artificial things are available in urban areas. Adulterated food is available in cities. Taking aquiterated food, urban people get sick. Village people are silfpler than urban ones. There is no want of cheats and frauds in urban areas. Criminal activities are always committed in urban areas. City dwellers are always in fright and fear. But village life is peaceful and tranquil. Less criminal activities are committed in rural areas. But village life is backward scientifically and technologically. Village people are deprived of modern amenities. There is no better medical facility in villages. They have to come to cities to get better medical treatment. There is crisis of educational institutions in rural areas. Village people have to come to cities to get higher education. Besides, there is a scarcity of job opportunities in rural areas. Rural people have to come to cities to get jobs. It is true that city life is full of charms and attractions. But there is more instability and unsteadiness in city life. Truly speaking, the people of the village is happier than city dwellers.