January 4, 2020

Arsenic Pollution:

Arsenic is a poisonous chemical. It remains in the drinking water as a mineral component.Human body needs arsenic to certain amount but when it exceeds the limit it is called arsenic pollution. Arsenic pollution is a vital problem in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. The toxic element called arsenic is found in underground water. People of the affected area suffer from skin diseases. The victim's palm leg and back addicted become sore. Long term suffering can cause skin cancer. The affected person feels week all the time. Unfortunately, in some areas of Bangladesh the measure of arsenic in the underground level of water is very high. Specially, the northern part of Bangladesh like Rangpur, Nilphamari, kurigram, Pabna are under the threat. Diseases caused by arsenic have some treatment but they are very expensive. So, we need to take some preventive measures. The tubewells in the affected areas should be examined by the DPHE. They should mark the tubewells which are affected with red sign and those which are safe with green sign. The respective authority should take other necessary steps in order to prevent arsenic pollution and to ensure pure drinking water for the people of arsenic affected areas.