January 4, 2020

Acid Throwing:

Acid throwing is the most heinous crime in our country. We find the incidents of acid throwing whenever we read daily newspapers. Sometimes the case so severe that it becomes the lead news of different national newsportals. Generally, the woman and the children are the worst victims of acid throwing. It is a shame in most cases men are the acid throwers on women and children. The analysis of case study shows that acid throwing occures for two main resons. one is family enmity and the other rejection love. In our male dominated society male sex always try to practice undue force over female. And male are easy to feel intolerable on rejection of love. When rejected by a woman a man becomes as brutal as throwing acid to his ex-lover. Again two families in enmity find it easy to take revenge on the opposition by throwing acid. To reduce acid violence we should we should raise public awareness. We should raise general hatred against acid throwers. The teenager lover boys should bc made conscious that one sided love is not allowed and rejection is a must in such case. They should that rejection should be taken easily. The government should practice full control over the selling and buying of and harmful chemicals. Many government and non-government organizations are working for stopping acid violence. We hope that soon we shall have a scrtety free from acid throwers acid violence.