January 4, 2020

A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a man who sells various types of things moving from one place to another. We normally find them in the streets of all big cities and towns. We see him selling newspapers, clothes, household accessories, vegetables or fish, chocolate and candy, ice-cream and many more things. Being a poor man he fries hard to earn his livelihood and to meet the expenditures of his family. He has to sell his goods by persuading the passers-by or passengers in a public vehicle. He has to talk much to impress the buyers. He is always undermined by people and often maltreated by the inconsiderate. Of course, he may also cheat people with higher charge or adulterated products. Though a street hawker sells various types of necessary things, he is not given proper honour. We should not mock at them only because of their poverty and simple lifestyle.