January 4, 2020

Paragraph: A Street Beggar:

The man who begs alms from people standing or sitting in the street is called a street beggar. A street beggar is a familiar figure to the people of towns and cities. A street beggar is normally seen beside the street, a bus station, a railway station, in the market place or at the gate of mosques. He is very shabbily dressed. He always puts on dirty and torn clothes. Sometimes he wears a cap on his head. Some of the street beggars are blind or lame or dumb. A street beggar ignores the hot sun or bitter cold. Normally he is physically crippled or handicapped. That is why he has no other source of income. So he takes to begging as the only means of livelihood. He stretches his arm or begging bowl towards the passers-by and begs alms. He entreats in a very sad or pathetic voice to give him something. A blind beggar keeps someone with him to guide him. He is seen uttering the name of Allah and singing by Hiq name when people give him alms. In busy streets, street beggars are found at traffic signals to beg to the passengers or drivers of vehicles. Begging is a curse on our society. In the urban areas the street beggar has no permanent house of his own. The government should takes proper steps to rehabilitate them.