January 4, 2020

A Moonlit Night

When a night is enlightened by moon beams, we generally called it "a moonlit night". It's really a beautiful and charming night. People enjoy it most. In such a night, the moon gives a soft silvery ray on every element of nature like rivers, trees, buildings, mountains, fields and what not. The watery places like canals, rivers and tanks seem to smile on a moonlit night. The beauty is surely unspeakable. The whole of the nature looks bright and appears in celestial light. People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. Young boys play while little boys and girls make merriment and amuse themselves on this night. It is very highly desired by a newly married couple. The middle aged men and women enjoy the night by passing some hours in gossiping and story telling. Poets of various languages sing highly in a moonlit night. It makes us feel the beauty of the creation and the Creator. Undoubtedly it is a great blessing of Allah to man and nature.