January 4, 2020

A College Magazine

A college magazine is a magazine which is published periodically by a college. It gives students as well as the teachers a great opportunity to prove their creaĆ¼ve power. Everyone likes it most because it plays an important role in one's college life. A student can express his hidden thought and feeling to other students. There he may be introduced to others with his intellect. The students can exercise literary writings through it. The editor bf the college magazine is also the organizer. We usually find in a college magazine poems, short stories, jokes, one-act plays, riddles and other writings relating to college affairs The editor organizes the whole work. He at first invites writings from the teachers and the students for the magazine. After collection, the best ones are selected by the editor and are sent to the press for publication and printing. At last we can say, a college magazine is the mirror of the college both inner and outer.