January 5, 2019

Subject: Informing about cultural week in our School.

Dear Tulip,

In your last email you wanted to know about about the cultural week in our school which was held last week. Well, the ceremony was held in a befitted manner. A series of functions arranged in the school auditoriam for seven days satisfying the audience most. On the first day, the principal inaugurated the function through an interesting speech. On the following day, the main competetaions were held. In the literary competetaion, there were poeem recitations debate, genetral knowledge, extempore story-telling, jokes etc. In the cultural part, there were patriotic songs, dance etc. On the concluding day, a very attractive cultural function was performed by the winner competitors. We enjoyed it most.

So, tell me yours if you wish. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you!

Yours ever,